Unseen photos of Titanic, a century later after the catastrophe

Stunning images of the Titanic wreckage are released nearly 100 years to the date since the ship slipped beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, in the April edition of National Geographic magazine.

The ghostly bow of the Titanic emerges from the darkness

New modern technologies have made possible the disclosure of  never-seen-before photos of the  of the famous wreck, which has taken with it 1,500 souls.

Intimate, the ruins are a puzzlement of corroded steel hidden in the darkness of the Arctic Ocean. Covered in fungi and weird colourless life forms, the ghostly wreck has been discovered by robotic vehicles used by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution during August and September 2010.

The first complete views of the legendary wreck

They snapped hundreds of images per second, collecting what researchers called “ribbons” of data, which where then “digitally stitched together to assemble a massive high-definition picture,” according to National Geographic.

The propellers of the Olympic

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) archaeologist James Delgado told National Geographic that the  expedition, which cost several million dollars, is “a game-changer.”

This optical mosaic combines 300 high-resolution images taken on a 2010 expedition.

He added: “In the past, trying to understand Titanic was like trying to understand Manhattan at midnight in a rainstorm—with a flashlight.

“Now we have a site that can be understood and measured, with definite things to tell us. In years to come this historic map may give voice to those people who were silenced, seemingly forever, when the cold water closed over them.”

Two of Titanic’s engines

Fascination along side the pain for lost destinies make this metal graveyard an endless story, the mother of  all shipwrecks that will never be forgotten.

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8 thoughts on “Unseen photos of Titanic, a century later after the catastrophe

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  2. Anyone notice the ghostly figure in the 3rd photo…standing in the pit on the left side??? You can see the rivets on the wall behind him…maybe a double negative, but I don’t know how that stuff works…still haunting.

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