Montana Magica Lodge in Huilo-Huilo, Chile

(Picture from here.)

In this incredible place, good taste and comfort have been incorporated in the design to complement the magical experience of life in the forest.

Located on a huge and privately owned natural reserve called Huilo Huilo in Chile you can find the Montaña Magica Lodge/ Magic Mountain Hotel.

With a waterfall which spews from out of the top, rocky walls, wood and stone spiraled staircases and wooden furniture it is truly unique. You even find Hot Tubs in the forest – sitting upon a platform. Large windows overlooking Chile’s majestic rainforest and its wildlife!

One of Chile’s best restaurants is located in the hotel called The Forest Table. Offering you homemade Chilean cuisine together with fine Chilean wine.

(Pictures from here.)

Such an inspirational place don’t you think? Keeping the nature but still get luxury and lots of comfort.

I love that and I think it is such a great role model.

Chile is on top of my “must visit countries” list, I am a big South America fan.

Have you been to Chile? How did you like it?

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