Top 10 Best Adventure Travel Books Of All Time

By Sherri Howie : There is always a risk in trying to name the “Top 10” of anything, but these ten books certainly push the limits of adventure for the reader. Some of these are classics, while others are more current selections. So, here we go with our TOP 10:

1) The Travels of Marco Polo

Although written in the 13th century, still as exciting, vibrant, and mysterious as ever. A journey clearly of epic proportions, this may be the quintessential adventure of all time!

2) The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

African safaris, sail fishing, bull fights, and horseback adventures. 60 stories in all, these short stories embody Hemingway’s style for adventure that makes you feel like you have been there – you felt it and saw it – it all happened there in front of you.

3) The Journals of Lewis and Clark

The “journals” chronicle Lewis and Clark’s unprecedented two year journey from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean and back again. Their assignment was to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory and record the geography, flora, fauna, and people they encountered along the way. The tale of their incredible journey is an American classic.

4) Vagabonding

An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel – A detailed guide on how to satisfy the adventurous spirit of world travel. If you’ve ever thought about taking off, here is your ultimate guide to make it happen

5) The Lunatic Express

Discovering the World…via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes – Author Carl Hoffman thought it might be instructive to travel the world the way most of its non-tourist population does: on the least safe airlines, the most crowded buses, through some of the most inhospitable and dangerous places on the planet. The result is a thoroughly enthralling and shocking book that is not the typical travel story

6) Into Thin Air

Jon Krakauer’s classic account of the disaster on a summit climb of Mt. Everest in May 1996. Deadly decisions ultimately give way to heroism and team work. I read a great portion of this book originally at 30,000 ft over the Atlantic, and realized when I looked out the window that the summit of Everest was just about that high..

7) Travels Along the Edge

Forty adventures that cover seven continents that move you from armchair reader to adventurer. I still want to do “The Arctic: Skiing to the North Pole”. Climbing Mt. Everest, kayaking in Belize, cycling, living with local residents, and so many more. Each excursion is followed by recommendations of appropriate outfitters and reading material, a brief dispatch on what to expect, and a rating of the challenges that lie ahead

8) 180 South

180 South takes readers behind the scenes of the film, 180 South, to learn more about the original overland journey to Patagonia in 1968 by Chris Malloy, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins, and the repeat journey 40 years later. The book includes stories of events and experiences that inspired them to choose paths committed to saving what’s left of the wild world.

9) Running The Amazon

Kayaking the Amazon from start to finish…4200 miles. An amazing account of the six-month modern-day expedition through a vast expanse of largely uncharted territory

10) Plan de Paris

Every time I use this indispensable guide to the streets and metro in Paris, an adventure happens.

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