Top Five Things to Do in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia one of the sleeping giants of travel !

Orginal post: Globetrotting Tips


  1. Visit Gorky Park. The park itself which used to be a combination of lush gardens and church grounds is a great way to spend the day.
  2. Visit the Red Square. Originally the site of a cluster of wooden huts, the square itself is one of the most beautiful sites in the world and a traveler could spend several hours in the square taking in the sites.
  3. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The Museum is a great spot to spend sometime. The complex itself comprises of 6 complexes and has numerous early to late period collections.
  4. The Kremlin. The Kremlin is vast and packed with interesting historical land marks, museums and cathedrals. A couple must sees include the great bell tower cathedral of consumption and the state armory.
  5. Visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Erected in 1555-1561 it is truly the geographic centre of Moscow and one of its most impressive structures.

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