MUST have Apps for a Successful Branded Facebook Page

We live in a world where the Internet has an important role in the process of developing your business. Nowadays everyone is connected and social media is considered one of the most essential tools in marketing.

With millions of users, Facebook has transformed from a platform built for college students into a place where companies all over the world are scrambling to get on the site and reach both new and current customers with a Facebook Page.

How can this social network help your business?

–    gain new clients

–    stay in touch with current clients

–    create buzz and PR that is specific about your business

–    promote sales offers and new products

First of all, you have to know that the preferred method for user interaction with a brand, company or public figure is through a Facebook Page.

You must know that an effective Facebook Page not only attracts fans, but it is sticky so that fans keep coming back and even share the content on the Page.

Facebook Page benefits:

–    Your business will have its own profile;

–    You engage, entertain and inform your fans/followers;

–    Current customers and potential customers can become fans of your page;

–    They can follow you and receive any updates that you post into your page;

–    It’s totally free;

–    Every time someone becomes a fan of your page all of their friends see that they have become a fan;

–    You can also use it to post photos, videos, applications and messages;

–    Any activity that you perform on this Page is then broadcasted into the mini-feeds of your followers.

Secondly, remember that success on Facebook is not only about how many fans you have; it’s about what you do to activate them. For example, an update on your fan page should be tailored in such a way that it doesn’t only provide information, but also engages your users to connect with that update, according to

How can you engage users?

–    Introduce some fun elements in your update

–    Communicate with active users of the page

–    Ask for suggestions and feedback

–    Use a friendly tone and be consistent with your posts

–    Use polls and surveys to address your followers

–    Integrate multimedia content – images, maps, hint tabs –  to convey your message

–    Include current happenings in your updates like seasonal, holiday theme, news and more

–    Post more interactive updates rather than just informative updates

–    Include videos in your updates or use Youtube apps

–    Ask your followers to share their stories with you

–    Post some tips just for Facebook Fans Only

–    Build a customized Welcome tab that summarizes your business activity

Basically, in order for your Facebook Page to be a success, hence your business or brand, you’ll need to determine users to engage with your News Feed content (Likes, Comments, Shares, Reaches) in order to increase visibility of your content.

To do that, you need a well thought out Page that has some great applications supported by good, relevant content.

An example of a successful Fan Page

An example of a successful Fan Page

1.    Twitter App – This will automatically pull your tweets into your Facebook status, so any updates you make on your Twitter account will be available on your fan page. So, you will increase your interaction level on your Facebook Page and also saves you time in updating and ensures profile activity to keep you relevant.

2.    Static FBML – this app was developed by Facebook and allows you to add advanced functionality to a page by placing a customizable box in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language), giving you free reign over the space to add images, video, stylized text and almost whatever else you want.

3.    Posted Items Pro – can embed multiple YouTube, Yahoo, and Google Videos, music mp3s, sites, files, and more onto your profile and Facebook pages. You can add any variety of these elements, making it great for a media center or press section.

4.    Flash Player – will add a box to your Page in which you can upload your own Flash files to achieve advanced customization and play any kind of Flash video, widget or game.

5.    Your OWN App – you can develop a fun, interesting and engaging app just for your Page, if you have the resources and some great ideas. This could be tied into your brand in multiple ways; try to think of something that people outside of Facebook would appreciate or enjoy that will remind them of who created it and keep them coming back, like a game or contest.

A Facebook branded page is ought to enhance the user’s experience, increase your viral visibility, be informative and integrate your business into the social networking. But above all it has to keep your fans engaged to come back for more.

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