The Spread Eagle, not the most known bar in Shoreditch, but surely one of the coolest!

London is one of the great Capitals of the world: historical places, beautiful parks, amazing attractions and a large number of pubs.

We know that is quite difficult to find a new and fun place to hang out, when you really need a change, that’s why we are more than happy to help. So, have you ever been to The Spread Eagle?

If the answer is no, you should definitely pass by. The bar is located at the Shoreditch end of Kingsland Road and even though it doesn’t look very special from outside, you’ll change your perception as soon as you step in.

The Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle has a unique décor that creates an overall look of effortless kitsch. You’ll see stag horns, rustic bird cages filled with fluorescent birds, an illuminated big heart hanged on the walls and unusual posters on the ceiling.

However, the place is decorated with comfortable chairs and couches and is pretty cosy and friendly. If you stop by on a sunny afternoon, for some quiet time, you can sit at the window and watch the passers-by, as the one-sided exterior of the pub faces directly onto the road.

I have to tell you that the chairs are different from one another and the tables also – for example, you will find one full of rose petals – in order to complete perfectly the kooky surroundings.

The toilets manage to spoil a little bit the fun – they are really small, the doors fail to close effectively and let’s just say that we’ve all seen better.  Still, the boys get special treatment and get to spend a penny in a very original urinal: Mick Jagger’s iconic big, red lips mouth.

When to go – day or night?

The Spread Eagle welcomes clients all day. You can enjoy it in the daytime, as much as on a night out. The happy part is that the chances to be surrounded by curious tourists are slightly slim, as the place is frequently visited by East Londoners.

The pub gets crowded on the weekends and creates the perfect scenery to meet new people or simple have a fun night out with your friends.  The music policy is eclectic, but you will also hear electro, indie, classic rock and punk.
What to order?

Don’t forget you’re in bar that is more of a pub, so don’t expect nothing too fancy. A pint is £3.80, a double shot of Jager £3.50 and a glass of wine about £5. You can also have some starters, tapas, soup or desserts, at reasonable prices. Also, the staff is polite, efficient and with a friendly attitude. What more can you wish for?

All in all, if you feel like trying something different come to The Spread Eagle – we are sure you’ll have a good time, and, if not, at least you’ll get to be fascinated by the crazy, mismatching, yet comfy decors.

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