Most expensive hotel suite in the world

Would you spend a Porsche Cayenne for a night in the apartment where Bill Clinton, Mihail Gorbaciov and Michael Jackson (just to name a few) stayed while in Geneva? Most of the people will never see inside the walls of the most expensive hotel suite in the world, but then again, we also have the rich. And they afford the privilege to rent this apartment for $65,000 per night.

Royal suite in Geneva / Photo by:

With a view to Lake Geneva, the Alps and Mont Blanc, the Royal suite occupies the entire top floor of the President Wilson Hotel, has twelve rooms with twelve bathrooms and can accommodate up to 40 people. A private elevator takes you right inside of the apartment, covered in marble and expensive wood.

Safety is not something to worry about, as the windows and the doors of the luxury penthouse are bulletproof. It also features a cocktail bar, lounge with billiard table and a view to a fountain, a library with expensive art collections, private fitness room and other luxury that will keep anyone busy, even the world leaders.

They can actually debate the “world’s fate” at the huge dining table, made of mahogany, which is for 26 people. Alternatively, the astronomical price includes a 1,600 sq meters terrace, which can serve for any after party for those important people who’re visiting the UN.

Obviously the Royal Penthouse Suite of the President Wilson Hotel has access to a private heliport, and it offers its occupants a personal assistant, a cook and a butler.

This is the first hotel suite, in which is embedded the famous Bang & Olufsen TV with flat screen, which costs around $130.000 and it can be found in only two other hotels in the world.

It is definitely something for the rich, but even the most powerful businessmen or the presidents and prim-ministers have to book it in advance by talking with the general manager of the hotel.

Anyhow, it is absolutely amazing how unlimited are the human needs and how much some are willing to pay for such privileges. But for the less ‘immortal’ we have some hotel suggestions in Geneva, that can satisfy even the most eclectic of you.

Visit our deals website and find out for yourself that life can be as good even though you don’t afford a Porsche for a hotel suite.

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