Amazing Lego exhibition in the US! VIDEO

Wow, some people are really talented and their pieces of art leave you breathless.

The LEGO sculptures were created by Sean Kenney and entitled ‘Nature Connects’ and Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University will be the first public garden in the U.S. to display sculptures made from LEGO bricks.

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

The beautiful pieces are glued together one-by-one by Kenney and his team of assistants, and are supported by steel frames. Moreover, they are built from nearly 500,000 bricks. Isn’t it fantastic?

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

According to, the 14 displays range from six inches high to nearly eight-feet long, with the largest sculpture, a mother bison, made up from 45,143 individual bricks of the popular children’s toy.

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

The exhibition has a powerful message and each of the themed displays at the gardens is an exploration of nature and how it is affected by its environment and man.

For example, the bison and calf are literal representations of what happens if man comes close to almost eliminating a species because of their interconnectedness to their environment, the prairie.

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

While the fox and the rabbit are meant to show two species closely linked by the food-chain and their ecosystem.

Tell us what you think of these magnificent pieces of art, in the comment section below.

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