Weird laws you should know about before you travel!

Travelling is about fun and relaxing times. We love summer and we work hard all year long, just to have the perfect 7 or 10 days vacation and to create amazing memories that should last forever.

That’s why we plan our trip carefully and we try to anticipate all the problems, in order to avoid stress and unhappy moments.
However, there are some small and strange things, not so known to the public that can ruin our holiday. For example, the weird laws in some regions can really cause problems, if you don’t know about them.

Therefore, we’ve decided to tell you all about them – this way you’ll be informed and the chances for you to get upset in your vacation will diminish.

Dress code

If you think we live in a free world, where everything is possible, think again🙂 Some regions are very strict about the way you dress. Qatar forbids indecent or revealing clothes, defined as “not covering shoulders and knees, tight or transparent clothes.”

The Vatican City requires shoulder coverings and skirts or shorts to the knee in order to enter museums and churches. And, Castellammare di Stabia, south of Naples, has outlawed mini-skirts, low-cut jeans and too much cleavage, with violators risking a 300-euro fine.

Also, if you decide to visit Thailand, remember there’s a law demanding that you wear underwear at all times.
In Italy, laws often require cover-ups over swimsuits and on the Italian Riviera you’re not allowed to walk the streets in just a swimsuit.

What about the shoes?

If you go to Greece, be careful around the historic sites. According to, after many of the country’s landmarks, like the Acropolis, were damaged in recent years by visitors, the government banned people from wearing high heels at the ancient locations.

Don’t curse and don’t spit

In Virginia Beach, swearing can earn you a $250 fine and up to ten days community service. Also, the Australian states of Queensland and Victoria passed similar bans last year, which impose fines of $100AUD and $240AUD, respectively. Guess you’ll have to learn some Australian swear words just to make sure you don’t say them.

It’s not polite to spit in public and in some places it’s also illegal. You could easily face a fine and possible jail time if you spit in the public streets in Barcelona, Singapore, Vancouver or Dodge City, Kan.

Or chew gum, or litter, or forget to flush the toilet

Singapore it’s a wonderful city and now we understand why. Littering will cost you $1,000 and not flushing a public toilet could cost $500. Don’t smoke in public. In fact, selling gum is illegal as well. Caning is still a form of punishment, so be careful to follow all local laws.

Thailand and the UK followed Singapore’s orderly example when it comes to gum. In these two countries, you can be fined for littering gum, but not for chewing it. Still, $600 is a steep price for bubble gum.

Crazy, huh? Use the comment section below and tell us what you think🙂

If you want to read more about strange laws, just click here.

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