Glass Beach, California – Wonderful garbage you’ll want to visit

Beaches should be clean and the sand should be soft. We hate people who litter and don’t respect the beauty of nature.

However, rare are the cases when human wastefulness transcends into something amazing – Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California is truly an exception.

According to, nowadays, Glass Beach is a protected part of MacKerricher State Park, but in 1949, it was the site of an unrestricted dump.

For 18 years, people drove out to the scenic expanse of ocean cliffs, marveled at the beauty of the natural world and the majesty of the depths, and then threw all their shit in.

For many, many years the beaches under the cliffs lay polluted, cluttered and ruined, and were basically treated as a forgotten ‘mistake.’

The miracle came from Mother Earth – she had a few tricks up her sleeve, and spent the next 30 years tumbling away the jagged edges of our insensitivity and leaving behind brilliant pebbles of polished glass.

Her work is incredible and, these days, Glass Beach is a fantastic destination for tourists around the world and somehow, it became a magic place.

As the shores grew into glimmering beaches, the state realized that people were visiting to collect the glass and to see the rainbow sands reflecting the sun, and quickly annexed it into a national park.

Isn’t it exquisite? We can’t wait to get the change to visit it, what do you think?

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