A Free Tip for Tourism Websites

Welcome to this free guide for National Parks.  Some of the tips & ideas I offer here can be used also for other companies, so don’t hesitate to make a use out of them.

National Parks are a great stimulant for economic growth in the region by attracting tourist & travellers.  To make sure your National Park can be found and reached easily is very important. Moreover, most of the National Parks receive subsidies from Governments, so by reading this guide, you will be able to use your budget triggering a better impact.


No need to explain that mobile has become bigger and bigger over the years and in the same line is GEO Location.  Many cars have a GPS device installed, smartphones are  mobile GPS devices, a lot of GEO Location services are available on the internet etc.  You never know how your visitor will find your National Park, and even more important, when a possible traveller wants to become your visitor, you have to make it as easy as possible to find you.  A tourist who finds information without a lot of search is a happy tourist.

How can I add it to my website?

  • Make your sure you have a complete address of the Entrance of your National Park on the Contact Page. (Tourist are not interested in the Office Building)
    This means including a Zip code, City/Region name etc.  Never forget your visitors or 99% of  the tourists whose home addresses have a different format.
  • Offer the GPS Coordinates in different types, as travellers will understand there are GPS coordinates when showed at  this 44°51N 15°37E, 44.85°N 15.62°E, but it isn’t handy as the GPS or Mapping devices use often Decimal Degrees, e.g. 44.854167, 37.7475. Happily, several Converters are available for free on the Internet. You can check this one for a start! 
  • GEO Meta Tags: Google didn’t confirm it, but  Bing & Yahoo have confirmed that it influences the search ranking. Implementing them is fairly easy, all you have to do is add three short meta tags to your websites  section (next to the other tags like description, keywords, etc.):
    <meta name=”Geo.Region” content=”Your ISO 3166 country code”/>
    <meta name=”Geo.Placename” content=”name of Your National Park”/>
    <meta name=”Geo.Position” content=”Latitude & Longitude in Decimal Degrees, separated by ;”/>

To Generate your Meta Tags,you can use our Free Geo Meta Tag Generator on http://yabbedoo.com/Geo-Meta-Tag-Generator.aspx

Open Your Data to the world

Your website is not enough to open the facts and data to the world,  as this assumes your visitors found the website already, you assumes that it is normal for people to search.  To have a bigger impact and more visitors, the more easy you make it for your visitors, the more visitors you will welcome.
When I write about open your data to the world, this means that other services, some known, others you’ve never heard about can use your data.  They will promote in their own creative way.
Of course you can’t use your budget for creating an API, where external sources can download your data.  This would be time-consuming and a very bad way to use your budget.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who owns the right information about my park? Me
  • How many websites offer information on my Park, but I have no control over it?  Probably a lot
  • What impact has wrong information on external websites on the perception of the traveller and on my team handling wrong information? Unhappy visitors  equals bad publicity, Unhappy visitors equals a lot of discussion with the staff, which makes you waste time and budget
  • Do I have the time, staff and budget to follow-up on all this information on my Park? And if the answer is yes, do I want to do this? Probably not

A system exists to handle your basic information, events, special days, to broadcast to many other external sources.  As you control the data, you guarantee those external websites have the right information.  E.g. if you change your email or phone number, automatically the External sources receives the updated information.

How can I use this Open Data Source?

By becoming a member of Yabbedoo.com, the service is free.  A membership costs only EUR 95 / year and you can manage all your data, events, information as you like.  It will be distributed to travellers, who can be part of your future visitors, to external sources and the big players such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.  Because you are the owner of the data, the Internet gets much better qualified information and this is the main reason why we have a lot of external sources connecting to us.

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