Yabbedoo launches Direct Hotel Promotions, for HoReCa industry companies

It’s a very challenging path for those in the hotel business. Everyone in this domain has to bring in more profit and stand out from the crowd. Direct Bookings is one way to achieve it.

And to get more direct bookings the sales and marketing department created Special Offers and Special Packages.

The only disadvantage is that the travelers can find those offers only by visiting hotel websites one by one. Usually, this doesn’t happen and your business can’t reach their potential clients.

Yabbedoo comes with a unique solution, a platform where all special promotions and packages are grouped, in order for travelers to find them as easily as booking a room.

The advantage of using Yabbedoo is that we take 0% commission and all bookings are executed directly with the hotels website.

About Yabbedoo

Yabbedoo.com is a platform offering a way for HoReCa companies to communicate directly with their customers, the travelers, in a cost-effective way.

Unlike other websites, Yabbedoo wants to disrupt the travel industry, cuts the middleman, and promotes direct bookings which are profitable for their members.

Extra Information

With Direct Hotel Promotions, Yabbedoo is grouping the hotels special offers and promotions in one package with 0% commission.

The membership is 95 euro per year and includes unlimited updates and packages.

If you have any queries, please contact us:

Email: questions@yabbedoo.com
Twitter: @Yabbedoo
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yabbedoo
Skype: frederik-yabbedoo
Phone: +079 869 50 76

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