How to avoid / reduce JetLag?

If you have travelled a long distance, you know what a jet lag is, certainly when you travel east.  Here are some tips to avoid/reduce the symptoms of a jet lag.

First, where are the symptoms of jet lag coming from? The symptoms of jet lag comes from the sleep deprivation and fatigue that come with long stints in a cramped seat and the misalignment of your body clock with the local time zone as well the direction you fly.  Going East is worse then flying West.

How to avoid / reduce jet lag symptoms







Experts say you can’t entirely prevent jet lag but you can reduce the symptoms.

1. Drink, but no Alcohol: Keep hydrated to avoid headaches and lightheartedness

2. Flying East? Aim for an evening arrival. You can work on the plane, have a quick dinner and go bed at new local bedtime

3. Shift your sleep schedule an hour earlier each night, starting three days before you leave on an eastbound trip.

4. Get as much early morning light as possible: Light is the most potent tool for adjusting your body clock

5. Use Melatonin: By caution on using drugs as the results of the studies are mixed.

6. On arrival, have a 1h floatation sessions in a spa. 1h in the bath equals 3-6h of sleep


Do you have a tip, idea you use to get over your jet lag, let us know

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