Best practice on user reviews and Tripadvisor and Google Places

Many time I saw articles on how important user reviews are on Tripadvisor and Google Places or or Yelp etc

And many of you started to capture user reviews from your guests and probably you received several positive requests and you feel happy.

Now ask the following question:
When was the last user review added?

Thanks to our platform, I see to many hotels and restaurants concentrating a small period of time making sure they have user reviews and then during a long period nothing.

Capturing user reviews is like sales. A lot of work for small results. You have to ask 10 clients and hopefully 1 or 2 will write a review.

My tip: make capturing user reviews part of your social media plan.  Contact personally every week/2 weeks a few clients (depending on the number of clients) with a personal email and ask them to write a user review

This way you get regular new user reviews which will be liked by your future guests and by the search engines😉

Extra Tip: writting a user review is a serious task. Your guests need to make time, search for your company on tripadvisor or Google Places or…..
Make sure you make their life easy and provide the preferred link.

If they have a gmail account, ask them to write a review on your google place page and give the direct link.
(this is important as google shows the # of reviews in the search, the more and better reviews the better ranking)

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