Gift Voucher Kiosk – New Service

We are happy to announce that Gift Voucher Kiosk is live. You wander what Gift Voucher Kiosk has to do with Travel🙂
Well many people in Geneva, travel a lot and they have friends all over the world. So offering a Gift Voucher is an ideal solution for Birthdays, Weddings,….

Gift Vouchers - Certificates in Geneva

Currently we started in Geneva, but the following Weeks we will open the Gift Voucher Kiosk in other regions.

No need to search for a gift, just select the category and choose from our partners.
Add a personal note, and tell us how you want to send the Gift certificate: By Post, By Email, …..

Enjoy, and remember, every time you need a gift (urgently), think of Yabbedoo and Gift Voucher Kiosk


One thought on “Gift Voucher Kiosk – New Service

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