Are you catching up with the latest trends online? Or is it going too fast? Any idea in which technology to invest first?

We provide a revolutionary & innovative solution to build a successful relationship between your business & travellers using the latest tools available!

The growing online travel industry is lucrative business, however with all the available solutions a web of tools, it becomes very expensive and difficult to choose in which solution to invest.

Yabbedoo Business

Apps for Tourists and Business

You can now overcome those barriers with a flexible, scalable and affordable platform. Specially developed for you, travel entrepreneurs and with one main goal, guiding travellers to your business.

Yabbedoo offers a solution for only 150 euro a year, once you are member, all tools and analyses are free of charge.

  • Empower yourself to offer competitive travel deals,
  • get connected to your guests via social media,
  • offer services to your guests.

Enjoy higher comission on your sales, be where your customers are, without spending a huge budget. With Yabbedoo you can grow in the high competitive market.

Yabbedoo helps you get back in control.

Check out all our benefits on http://business.yabbedoo.com/Benefits.aspx

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